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- Rails from graphite for hollow beads

You can find this rail here


- Knifes for grooving

You can find our knifes for grooving here


- Beadliner

You can find our beadliner here


- Mashers with round and olive-shaped plates

You can find these mashers here


- Top shapers for butterfly

(tools rf_79_51rf_79_52rf_79_53rf_79_54rf_79_55, rf_79_56):


- Rail for ring

(tools b603g, b601g, b602g)


- Top shaper and work with Cabochon Plates and mandrels

You can find our top shaper formers here

You can find the cabochon plates and mandrels here


- Frame presses (Donuts presses)

You can find our frame presses (donuts presses) here


- Bead roller for knobs

You can find our bead roller for knobs here


More videos follow


Tutorial as PDF file:

(in German language, English version follows)

- Frame presses (Donuts presses)

- Cabochon plates with matching graphite shapes

- Cabochon plates with matching butterfly & dragonfly shapes

- Hollow beads tutorial

- Tu-Bi-Co Tool - universal tool for tubes, bicones and cones (to tool)

- Bead presses for the flat mandrels (to category)

- Beadrollers (to category)

- Graphite marble shaper  for hollow beads (to tool)

- Ring rails (to category)