Top former for butterfly wings, pattern no. 6

Product no.: rf_79_56

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The shape is the same as for top former rf_79_55, but with smooth wings.

This tool was primarily developed for thinner butterfly wings.

As an addition, we have implemented a Beadroller for the butterfly body on the tool. It allows you to create not only beautiful butterfly wings using the corresponding cabachon plate, but also a complete butterfly. It should be noted that a certain amount of experience is required to fuse a complete butterfly.

Matching plates can be found here

Matching mandrels with M2.5 thread can be found here

This video tutorial explains the work with our top shapers for butterflies:

We have also created a tutorial, which illustrates the working method of the top former and plates:


(in German language, English version follows)

The mandrel guide for the body shape is 2mm wide - for 1 or 1.6mm mandrel.

The shapes have a 2mm recess for the cabochon plate. So you can dip the cabochon plate into the shape to the desired depth and design a wing of the desired thickness.

We made the shapes a little larger than the corresponding plate, so that the plate with release agent can still fit in well.

The tool is 65x50x12mm in size (LxWxH)

Material - graphite.


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