Bead presses for the flat mandrels

Bead presses for the flat mandrels


Bead presses for the flat mandrels, brass


The guide pins can be turned out as needed

Handle is made of beech wood


Important when using flat mandrel:

To coat the flat spines, the release agent "Fusion Bead Release" was used in a thick consistency.
Immerse the flat mandrel in the release agent and allow to air dry. Repeat this process for the second release layer. It is important that the release agent is dried in the air.
By the surface tension of the liquid release agent is in the form of coated mandrel oval rather than square as before. If the release agent was applied so thick that the mandrel does not fit into the guide of the press, you can abrade gently the broad, flat sides slightly.
To warm the flat mandrel keep it a bit behind the flames, otherwise the release agent may jump off.
Then let the flat mandrel slowly glow ahead the flames. The glass should be very soft when applied, so you do not tear the release agent from the mandrel. This risk is significantly higher than with round spikes in flat spikes because of their shape and the thicker release layer. Therefore, one should leave the glass flow, especially in the first layer on the mandrel. Nevertheless, the production of a pearl on the flat spine with a little practice, is not heavier than a normal round mandrel guide.




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Product no.: 8065

The forms are total (both sides together) accordingly 8, 9 and 10mm deep.

Material - brass

For the flat mandrels 10x2mm (22 and 28mm pillowsand 5x2mm (17mm pillow)

Suitable leather cords can be found here

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