Top former for triangular shapes

Product no.: rf_cab_pl_2

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A total of 12 shapes on two sides:

- triangle 15, 25, 35mm

- 3D triangle 15, 25, 35mm

- Three-sided pyramid 15, 25, 35mm

- Three-sided frustum pyramid 15, 25, 35mm

The shapes are ideal for our triangular cabochon plates

This video tutorial explains the work with our top shapers:

We have also created a tutorial, which illustrates the working method of the top former and plates:


(in German language, English version follows)

The tool can also be used as a normal marble shaper.

We made the shapes a little larger than the corresponding plate, so that the plate with release agent can still fit in well.

The tool is 100x100x20mm in size (LxWxH)

Material - graphite.


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