Presses for double mandrels


In this category we would like to present you a beadpresses für double mandrels. We can produce almost all of our presses - made of brass and graphite - as presses for double mandrels. Just ask us!


The work with press for duoble mandrel has some special features. We would like to give you some important tips:

- try to put the glass as close as possible to the end of the fork - so the pearl goes off with less effort. But not too close - the tips of the fork should still be visible.
- take medium release agent. You can not turn the bead like a "normal" spike - just move and push it downwards - a solid release agent makes this task more difficult.
- so that the bead is easier to pass, knock a few times with a hammer on the other side of the mandrel holder - so the pearl is practically shuddered down.