Release agent for lampwork, 250 grams of powder

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1 kg = 71.96 €

1 kg = 71.96 €

This release agent was developed from our year-long research and final extensive tests with different lampwork techniques and tools

These tests have shown that our formula gives the release agent the following characteristics:

- Stable, very good hold, the bead is very easy to detach from the mandrel

- Smooth surface - beautiful bead canal

- Stable when heated several times

- Suitable both for use on dried mandrels and, if necessary, for drying in the flame

- Holds well on ring mandrels

- Holds on a cabochon disc even if a part has detached from the coating

- Good hold on frame presses (donut presses)

The release agent is supplied as a powder, diluted with distilled water it results in approx. 500 gram of ready-to-use release agent.

Please dilute with distilled water! Optimal mixing ratio: to 100 grams of powder please add approx. 90 grams of distilled water

If the release agent has dried up, you can easily dilute it again (and several times) with distilled water

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