Knife for grooving flat surfaces up to 30mm in length

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This knife is ideal for all flat surfaces (Rollers, Cone, Bicone, Pastilles etc.) up to 30mm in length.
But you can also use this knife on curved surfaces.

This video tutorial explains how to work with this knifes:

These knives are the perfect tools for lampwork to create beautifully shaped notches (grooves) in the glass beads. Especially when other tools, like bead rollers for molds with grooves and presses, cannot be used for this task due to the geometry. It is practically only possible to make the longitudinal grooves (grooves that run in the same direction as the mandrel guide) in a glass bead with these knives.

The special thing about these knives is that they have a special geometry: they are pointed at the bottom and are significantly wider at the top with a gentle curve. This gives the beads an angled notch that looks much more plastic.

We have developed a total of 7 of these knives with different geometries - for almost all possible bead sizes.

Material - brass

Dimensions knife (LxWxH): 30x20x6mm

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