Information about the mandrel guides


- Mandrel guides in other sizes

- Double mandrel guides

- additional mandrel guides

- offset mandrel guides

- oblique / diagonal mandrel guides

- mandrel guides for flat mandrels

- and the mandrel guides all other kinds, we make for free. Just send us a message for the purchase order.

However: not for all presses and beadrollers changes are possible and useful. Just ask us!


2. Which mandrel guide I need for my mandrel?

The mandrel guide must be slightly larger than the selected mandrel - you need some space for the release agent. This means that for a 2.4 mm mandrel you need 3mm mandrel guide, for 3,2mm mandrel - 3,8mm mandrel guide and for 5mm mandrel a 6mm mandrel guide. If you are not sure which mandrel guide you need - write us a short message.