Mashers with olive-shaped plates, 11x20mm

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These pliers are an universal lampwork tool for many shaping and decorating tasks.

This video tutorial explains how to work with these mashers:

Examples of possible uses:
- Shaping oval or round glass beads
- Shaping tubes, crunches and cushion-shaped beads
- Press Murrinis into the bead. The bead is not crushed by the
the plates of the pliers (as would be the case with flat plates). However, it is important to remember that the shape of the plates have to correspond approximately to the shape of the beads.
An important feature of these pliers is that the distance between the two plates can be precisely adjusted - we have developed an efficient and simple adjustment mechanism. You can adjust the the distance between the plates to the diameter of the bead mandrelor lock the plates together if you want to work without a mandrel.
Another benefit of these pliers is that you always have a clear view of the bead while working.
A total of 11 pliers of different shapes and sizes are available - feel free to take a look at this category.
The mashers are 24cm long and 20mm wide, the plates are 30x30mm.
Material - brass, stainless steel.

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