Top former for straight sided lentils

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A total of 12 straight sided lentils - from 10 to 35mm in size.

The shapes are ideal for our round cabochon plates: 6 pieces as a set or separately

This video tutorial explains the work with our top shapers:

We have also created a tutorial, which illustrates the working method of the top former and plates:


(in German language, English version follows)

The tool can also be used as a ‘normal’ marble former.

The six lentils on side 1 are a little flatter and the six lentils on side 2 are a little deeper.

Through deeper shapes on side 2, the beads gain a bit more volume, if desired.

This additional internal volume can be used for designing the beads, for instance, for implosions.

The edge of all lentils is about 3mm high.

The lentils on side 1 have the following dimensions:

10mm wide - 5mm deep
15mm wide - 6mm deep
20mm wide - 7mm deep
25mm wide - 8mm deep
30mm wide - 9mm deep
35mm wide - 9mm deep

The lentils on side 2 have the following dimensions:
10mm wide - 6.5mm deep
15mm wide - 7.5mm deep
20mm wide - 8.5mm deep
25mm wide - 9.5mm deep
30mm wide - 10.5mm deep
35mm wide - 11.5mm deep

We made the shapes a little larger than the corresponding plate, so that the plate with release agent can still fit in well.

The tool is 100x100x20mm in size (LxWxH)

Material - graphite.

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