Pendants and medallions with embossing

Importantly with the use of pressing with embossing:

it is recommendable to have collected experiences with other pressing before.
For the press process the glass should be really very hot, so that it can run in the filigree space of the press. It is normal that the first lines presses usually are not completely filled.
Then on the side of the motive complement glass and make only this side of the pearl really hot and once more press. The press process so briefly as possible hold, because the glass contracts while cooling off and insists the danger that it could get stuck in the press if it cools too much.
The pearls look especially nice if you use, for example, Multicolor brightly or darkly from Reichenbach. This glass generates many colours which can be brought by the differences in temperature with the pressing especially well to the prelight. Moreover, it can be reduced very nicely, so that one can use the metallic light easily to the decoration of the motive.