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This video tutorial explains the work with our beadliner:

Minimum beads hole length: 5 mm, maximum: 50mm.

The beadliner comes standard with inserts for bead hole lengths from 8mm upwards (inserts with normal nose).

Instead of the inserts with normal nose, the inserts can be supplied with short nose for the extra short bead hole length (from 5mm) - without extra charge.

Just send us a message to the order.

There are included 12 inserts: 2x conical insert, 2x inserts each for pipe diameters from 3 to 5mm (with normal nose), 2x flat insert an 2x concav insert.

Beadliner is about 12 cm wide and 12 cm high. Material: brass, stainless steel. Handle: plastic, fiber reinforced.

Delivery: beadliner BM3, magazine with 12 inserts and 2 copper tubes (total length approx. 33cm, 4 or 5mm diameter - for a small practice).


Prepare the tube:

1. depending on the diameter, cut the tube slightly longer than the length of the beadhole:

- for 5mm pipe diameter - about 4mm

- for 4mm pipe diameter - about 3.5mm

- for 3mm pipe diameter - about 3mm

2. Deburr the end of the tube (for example with our deburrer).

How to use the beadliner:

  1. Place the bead with tube between the conical inset and the upper inset in a suitable size. You can also use a second, "normal" nose insert instead of conical insert. The tube is thus pressed between two identical inserts.

  2. Hold the bead with your fingers and turn the handle so that the top inset presses on the tube. The tube begins to expand

  3. Turn the screw slightly upwards with the top inset and take out the bead.

Turn the bead over and place it back in between the insets

  1. Hold the bead with your fingers and turn the handle so that the top inset presses on the tube. The tube begins to expand

Repeat this point 3-4 times or until the tube is widened how you want it.


The tube may be beaded until the bead can still be turned with your fingers. Otherwise the pearl will burst!

For post-processing (apply the edges of the tube close to the bead), you can use the supplied flat or concav insert. You can also use a plastic or rubber hammer to smooth the edges of the tube.

This process requires a certain sensitivity and exercise. It may happen that by the first time the tube bursts or bead breaks. Just keep trying - and you will be happy about the good results.

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