3D tool clamp

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This tool clamp was developed by us to position beadpresses, beadrollers and rails with maximum freedom. Thanks to a 3D ballhead, you can define the position of the tool in the room in such a way that the work run with maximum convenience.

- Your both hands are free at work and you don't have to put the glass rod or mandrel away.

- At work, even with the heaviest tools (large rails etc.) Your hands are not charged

- the tools are optimally positioned and the position of the tool remains always constant. This allows a precise and stress-free work - especially the work, which you have to repeat several times.

- all our beadpresses, beadrollers and rails, but also the tools of other manufacturers can be used without problems.


- We did not use plastic during production and you can position the vice relatively close to the burner. But please do not put the tool clamp directly under the flame.

- Tighten the graphite rails more cautiously - some of these rails have thin walls and excessive rail pressure can damage the rail.

Dimensions and weight:

- total weight - approx. 2.5kg
- Stand (stainless steel): 14x11cm big, about 1,5kg heavy
- Span - from 0 to 115mm
- Length of clamping jaws - 100mm


Material: stainless steel, brass

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